4 Signs of Poor Insulation in Conway, SC

Your Conway, SC home needs adequate insulation year-round. Insulation improves the comfort of your home and helps reduce cooling and heating expenses. If you suspect your home has poor insulation, here are some signs that can possibly confirm your suspicions.

There Is an Unexplained Spike in Your Energy Bills

If suddenly high energy bills have shocked you, it could mean your insulation is no longer doing its job. Perhaps you didn’t notice the gradual change in how well your home retains heat or cold. However, if you review your past bills, you may detect a pattern that shows the rising costs.

Unexplained Temperature Fluctuations Between Rooms

If you notice unexplained but glaring temperature fluctuations between rooms, there’s likely an issue with the insulation. The rooms in your home should generally feel about the same and have a consistent temperature.

Unexplained Drafts Keep the House Cold in the Winter

You shouldn’t feel a cold draft in a room that has the doors and windows closed. However, it’s possible there’s an unseen hole or crack in the wall causing the draft. But it’s more likely an insulation problem with the window frames or door.

Water Is Leaking in the Attic

Puddles of water in the attic are likely there because of a water leak. Poor insulation can cause condensation when cold air in one room meets warm air from an insulated space. One of our maintenance technicians can check to see if inadequate insulation is the cause of the leak.

The presence of these signs can help you determine if your home has poor insulation. If you think you have a problem and live in Conway or the surrounding area, contact Ductworks Heating & Cooling, Inc. to schedule an inspection of your home’s insulation today.

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