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Well, it is our name after all. Ductworks Heating & Cooling, Inc. are the professionals to call when it comes to any ductwork issue. We offer duct repair, duct system design, duct cleaning, duct tests, and duct sealing.

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Duct Cleaning

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) claims that there is a growing body of scientific evidence that has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities. Other research indicates that people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. Thus, for many people, the health risks may be greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors.

Ductwork accumulates deposits of dust as well as other contaminants throughout the years. These deposits can decrease the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. It may even lead to physical discomfort along with illnesses through the degradation of the air quality that you breathe indoors. Additionally, dirt deposits in the air ducts can become food for dust mites and other organisms. It only makes sense to have your ducts cleaned, especially if you or anyone in your home are experiencing allergies or other respiratory problems and/or excessive dust accumulation.

Here’s what to expect – First, all registers are removed and cleaned. With the use of the Rotobrush BrushBeast each air duct is cleaned. The Rotobrush BrushBeast is a powerful vacuum and brush machine that can remove the build-up and traps it in a HEPA filtration container. The Rotobrush is safe on all types of ductwork including flexible ducts. Next, each boot (which connects the air duct to the register) is sealed and the clean register is reinstalled. And the duct cleaning is complete with a fogging of an organic sanitizing solution into the HVAC system which is disbursed into the duct system

Duct Sanitizing & Odor Removal

Thoroughly clean your ductwork and air handler with our exclusive organic odor eliminator and sanitizer. Whether your issue is with microbial growth or odors, these products are highly effective in bacterial degradation. This then eliminates the source of the odors and leaves your system sanitized all while being environmentally friendly. Mar Y Sol Origens specially formulated their products exclusively for Ductworks Heating & Cooling, Inc. Coupled with our special application these organic sanitizer and odor eliminators are substantially successful.

Duct System

A well-designed and sealed duct system is as important as the ac and heat system you choose. Our professionals at Ductworks Heating & Cooling, Inc. can design your duct system so every room in your Myrtle Beach area home is comfortable year-round. Sealing the ductwork keeps harmful containments from your attic or crawlspace out of your house and keeps your conditioned air in your home. It’s time to call Ductworks Heating and Cooling if you’ve ever noticed any of these issues:

  • Excessive dust, especially localized to one room
  • Rooms too hot or too cold
  • The system seems to be constantly running
  • Excessive humidity inside

Dryer Duct Cleaning

Clogged dryer ducts cause the appliance to work harder which shortens its life. Not to mention a major fire hazard. It is estimated 2900 home fires per year are caused by dryers resulting in death, injuries, and the loss of your home. Contact Ductworks Heating & Cooling, Inc. to schedule your dryer duct cleaning today. Annual cleaning is recommended.

Ductwork Sealing

The air ducts distribute conditioned air in houses with forced-air systems. However, in a conventional home around 20% of the air that will move through the duct system will be lost because of leaks and poorly linked ducts. The consequence is higher utility bills as well as problems in keeping your home comfortable, regardless of what the thermostat is set on.

A duct system that has been designed well and sealed correctly could make your house more energy-efficient, comfortable, and the air safer to breathe.

Ductwork Testing

Duct systems leak at fittings, joints, register boots, and other connections. Leaky ducts could increase energy bills significantly over time, seriously lowering equipment capacity as well as its performance. Duct leaks may also lead to indoor air quality issues since it pulls irritants and pollutants directly into the house.

Air duct leakage is almost always the reason behind the comfort complaints that are experienced by homeowners. A typical duct test requires sealing of the register openings and pressure testing the duct system to a defined pressure (typically 25 Pascals) through a calibrated fan where leakage can be measured. 

Then our professional duct specialist will go over the findings, answer any questions you may have, and present a solution. Contact Ductworks Heating & Cooling, Inc. to schedule your duct evaluation or cleaning. Our service area includes North Myrtle Beach, Longs, Little River, Myrtle Beach, Surfside, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island, SC, and the surrounding areas.

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