Should My AC Make My Home Stink in Little River, SC?

Your air conditioner in Little River, SC, should eliminate unpleasant odors from your living space, not introduce them. If you notice any of these AC smells coming from your system, something is probably wrong with your equipment.

A Musty Smell

A musty smell lingering in your house indicates that biological contaminants could be growing on your AC’s parts. These pollutants flourish on moist surfaces.

If the air conditioner’s drain lines are too dirty to eliminate the excessive moisture absorbed from your indoor air, the water remains on the drain pan, creating a suitable environment for the pollutants to grow. These contaminants then release spores that cause a musty odor.

Schedule maintenance services to unclog the AC’s drain lines. If your ductwork has damaged sections, our ductwork solutions can resolve the problem.

A Burning Odor

When the lubrication between the moving parts of your AC runs out, friction between these components increases. This friction can cause a burning odor. Also, the smell may occur when some rubber components, such as belts and wires, become loose and come in contact with hot parts of the system.

A Chemical-Like Smell

Your AC contains a fluid known as a refrigerant that transports heat from your indoor coil to the outdoor coil through the refrigerant lines. When there are perforations along the refrigerant lines, the fluid may spill through these holes. The spilled refrigerant produces a chemical-like smell.

More signs that show the refrigerant is leaking include whistling and bubbling sounds. Low refrigerant levels make your AC consume excessive energy and struggle to cool your house to your liking. Therefore, schedule repair services as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

You should never ignore unusual odors from your air conditioner. Call the air conditioning experts at Ductworks Heating & Cooling, Inc. to have your system inspected.

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